Pompano Beach High School is excited to host its fourth International Summit January 25-February 2, 2019 as part of its International Affairs with Information Technology theme. Over 150 guest administrators, teachers, and students from China, Egypt, France, India, Ireland, Nigeria, Peru, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, and Zimbabwe will participate in the summit. Dan Ayoub, Microsoft’s General Manager for Mixed Reality Education, will be the keynote speaker at the summit’s opening ceremony.

This event will increase knowledge about the United States and visiting countries, establish lasting relationships between all the participants, and develop cultural awareness in education, with a special focus on language acquisition and technology. Opportunities for adult guests will include visiting a local university, sharing cultural practices within the community, and teaching and learning in cooperation with Pompano Beach High School educators. Educators and foreign dignitaries will discuss issues in education from specific cultural perspectives.

Students, faculty, and staff from Pompano Beach High School will participate in many learning experiences throughout the week as they interact with international delegates. The opening ceremony will introduce the visitors through a parade of nations in which their cultural identity will be represented. Two assemblies during the week will allow the international guests to present cultural showcases featuring the uniqueness of each school and country. Classroom and lunchtime presentations will provide additional opportunities for all students to develop an exciting synergy through the exchange of knowledge.

Homestays are an integral part of the summit experience. Visitors will live with PBHS families during their stay. Lasting ties will be established between the hosts and guests as they share meals and exchange similarities and differences through conversation and daily activities.

The summit provides partnerships between PBHS and guest schools. The PBHS summit has been replicated at other sites in the United States and abroad. Because of the relationships built in past summits, several of the visiting international schools have hosted PBHS faculty and students in their countries. These visits provided the opportunity for members of the PBHS family to improve communication and social skills, broaden perspectives, and connect their education to real-world issues.